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Just like you, I have been there collecting mountains of student loan debt all so I could fulfill a dream of practicing anesthesia. Understanding the stress of paying it off and the lack of scholarship opportunities I had to create a platform to give back. is dedicated to creating those opportunities for you.’s 2020 Fall Anesthesia Scholarship is excited to announce our Fall 2020 Scholarship in partnership with We’re breaking free from the traditional essay format and embracing infographics and social media! 


Developing stronger anesthesia practitioners and a stronger anesthesia community begins with sharing ideas. Essays from a scholarship contest are quickly forgotten, but anesthesia infographics can be used by thousands of clinicians in and out of training to reinforce key concepts. 

Also, they’re easily presented on social media, easily shared to classmates and colleagues, and can lead to great educational discussions on anesthesia topics.

Lastly, it’s 2020. The technology is here so why not embrace it and stop writing essays!

Winners’ Awards

  • 1st Place – $2,500 and a copy of Count Backwards From 10 Anesthesia Pocket Notebook and Case Log Booklet
  • 2nd Place – $300 and a copy of Count Backwards From 10 Anesthesia Pocket Notebook and Case Log Booklet
  • 3rd Place – $200 and a copy of Count Backwards From 10 Anesthesia Pocket Notebook and Case Log Booklet
  • 4th and 5th Place- A copy of Count Backwards From 10 Anesthesia Pocket Notebook and Case Log Booklet

How It Works

  1. Create an infographic based on any anesthesia topic you would find in a book, lecture or something learned in the OR (e.g., beach chair position, patient heat loss and ways to maintain normothermia, mechanics of respiration, pharmacology of norepinephrine, etc.)

Click examples of infographics to help give you an idea of design possibilities. and have great free programs for creating infographics. However, use whatever you feel comfortable with.

  1. Post to either Instagram, Twitter or both using hashtag #bagmask2020 and tag us @bagmaskjobs and @LocumTenens_com so we can see and share your work! 

    Attention Instagram Users:
    If your account is set to private, non-followers (including us) will not be able to view your infographic when posted to #bagmask2020. 

    As a solution to help you make your infographic visible to everyone, we will post it for you. Follow Step 3 below and we’ll receive a copy of your infographic. Inform us that your account is Private and what hashtags you would like to include (e.g., #anesthesia).

    We’ll let you know when it’s up and you can start directing followers and non-followers to it!

  2. Send us an email at with the following information:
    -Your name
    -Copy of infographic
    -Social Media Handles and on which platforms on which your infographic is posted
    -Name of Training Program with Month and Year finishing anesthesia training
    -Applicants must have their program director sign the Attestation of Enrollment Form and attach it with the email.
              –Link to Attestation of Enrollment Form
              -Access the form above in Google Documents, and click File > Make a Copy or File >                                         Download to get a .docx file that you can edit on your computer.

How the Winner Will Be Decided

Submissions will be scored on a 100 point scale, and the scholarship committee will judge each entry on the following criteria:

  • Content 45% of score – Accuracy and overall knowledge of topic.
  • Design 45% of score – Overall look and how the information is presented.
  • Likes 10% of score – Overall number of “Likes”.

To create a fair playing field for social media, points will be awarded on where an applicant’s total number of “Likes” for their infographic finished relative to the rest of the submission field.

  • Top 25% finish awarded 10 points
  • Middle 50% finish awarded 6 points
  • Bottom 25% finish awarded 3 points

In the event of a tie, the scholarship committee will determine the winner.

Important Dates

  • Submissions due Nov 30th
  • Finalists announced Dec 7th
  • Winner announced Dec 14th


  • Anesthesiology Resident
  • SAA
  • SRNA


  • You will receive an email confirmation when we have verified your application has been submitted. Please check your inbox and spam folder.
  • The finalist and non-finalist will be notified by email on December 7th.
  • Winners will be emailed on December 14th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Won Past Scholarships
 . H

What if you are finishing your anesthesia training before November 30, 2020?

  • You are still eligible for the scholarship as long as you submit your infographic before your graduation date!

What happens if you win?

  • The applicant agrees and approves of and issuing a press release of the award, supplying the applicant name, photo and right to publish their infographic on, its affiliates, or general press release distribution.

Terms and conditions

  • All applicants agree and approve of and supplying the applicant’s name and right to publish the infographic on,, its affiliates, or general press release distribution. 

And Most importantly! Good Luck! We can’t wait to see what you create.

A very special thank you to for partnering with us to fund the only National Anesthesia Scholarship for all those pursuing their dream to practice anesthesia. specializes in recruiting physicians and advanced practitioners to work temporary assignments at healthcare organizations across the U.S. using both on-site and virtual approaches to mitigating physician shortages.

Book Sponsor

Thank you to David L. Convissar, MD and the Count Backwards from Ten team for donating his latest books to the winners. Count Backwards From 10 is a free online medical education platform aiming to teach complex topics in anesthesia and critical care in concise ways.

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