Anesthesia Scholarship

Just like you, we have been there collecting mountains of student loan debt all so we could fulfill a dream of practicing anesthesia. Understanding the stress of paying it off and the lack of scholarship opportunities we had to create a platform to give back. is dedicated to creating those opportunities for you. Anesthesia Scholarship 2022 is excited to announce our 5th Annual Anesthesia Scholarship in partnership with Somnia Anesthesia, Healthcare For Contractors and Vargo Anesthesia.

In the past we have had you write essays, create infographics or make videos. We know in anesthesia sometimes you get lucky and catch a break. Maybe it’s a correct guess at a preceptors question, you get to go home early one day or you stick that A-line that everyone else has been struggling with for the past 30 minutes. 

We also know the amount of work you put into your program. Long hours in the OR, never ending studying and sacrificing life events all to pursue your dream to practice anesthesia. Sometimes you just need that lucky break.

Just to make your life easier for a moment.

That’s why we want to give you a break for the scholarship. We are going to make this as easy as possible for you. No essays. No infographics. No videos.

There is still an education component as with all our scholarships, but this will take you all of 10 minutes. Do it while drinking a cup of coffee and relax. You deserve it.


Winner’s Awards

5 Winners – $1,000 and a $100 gift card from Vargo Anesthesia to purchase their Mega App

How It Works

1. Click link below.


2. Fill out registration form.


3. Read 3 pre-selected career navigation articles from our team. It’s that easy.

How the Winner Will Be Decided

Since there is no work to be judge, 5 names will be pulled at random. Don’t worry, next year we’ll get you back to working hard for it.


Important Dates

  • Application period ends Nov 15, 2022

  • Winner announced Nov 17, 2022


  • SAA

  • SRNA

  • Anesthesiology Resident

  • If you have been accepted into a program and have not started you are eligible.


  • Winners will be emailed on November 17th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Won Past Scholarships

  • View past years’ winners


What if you are finishing your anesthesia training before November 15, 2022?

  • You are still eligible for the scholarship as long as you compete the registration and read the articles before Nov 15.

What happens if you win?

  • The applicant agrees and approves of and sponsors issuing a press release of the award, supplying the applicant name on, its affiliates, or general press release distribution.

  • Winner will have their program director sign a form confirming you are currently enrolled.

And Most importantly! Good Luck!


A very special thank you to our sponsors for partnering with us to fund the only National Anesthesia Scholarship for all those pursuing their dream to practice anesthesia.

Somnia Anesthesia was a natural fit for the scholarship and embraces our values of helping the next generation of anesthesia providers. They are committed to your success and provide you with a strong clinical network, administrative support, mentoring, and the tools you’ll need as you launch and advance your anesthesia career. Jobs

Healthcare for Contractors, founded by Lyubov Abrams, is the leading advocate for locum tenen providers and anesthesia students to help them find health insurance plans. She guides and educates you on the best and most affordable plan to fit your needs. To contact Lyubov email her at


App Sponsor 

Thank you to Vargo Anesthesia for donating gift cards to purchase their Mega App. Just another reason they are the world leader in anesthesia apps.

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