Sara Tom Anesthesia Scholarship Winner 2020 Fall Anesthesia Scholarship

We’re excited to announce in partnership with the winner of the Anesthesia Scholarship! Applicant’s had to create an educational anesthesia infographic and the submissions we amazing! Not only were submissions scored on content and design but also social media shares. The advancement of anesthesia education and safety is founded on the sharing of information and ideas. 

The anesthesia infographics submitted for the Anesthesia Scholarship are representative of the elite practitioners that will be joining the anesthesia as professionals when they finish their training.

This year’s winner is Sara Tom SRNA of Gonzaga University

Lumbar Neuraxial Anesthesia Scoliosis Infographic

Sara won $2,500 and a copies of Count Backwards from 10: Anesthesia Pocket Notebook and Case Log Booklet.’s Upcoming Anesthesia Scholarship Information

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Eligibility for Anesthesia Scholarship Entries
  • SAA
  • SRNA
  • Anesthesia Resident
  • Anesthesia Fellow
  • Fourth year Medical Student that has matched to anesthesia
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