Why Refreshing Your Jobs Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Refresh button

Once you post a job on BagMask.com we take over and do most of the work from there. Social media campaigns, newsletters and webinars all with the goal of driving job seekers back to your job posts. However, you still need to do your part besides writing persuasive job descriptions. 

Refresh your jobs. 

How It Works

Refreshing your anesthesia job post is simple. It’s a click of button on your BagMask.com dashboard that resets the date published to the current date. 

Bagmask.com refresh button

There are two ways we help remind you to smash that button.

  1. On your dashboard there is a running daily count of the last time you refreshed your job. 
  2. We send you an email at the beginning of each month to come back and hit refresh.

At most it takes 15 seconds to navigate to the dashboard and click “Refresh”. But those 15 seconds can make a difference how someone views your post or clicks it.

Why is it important?

Anesthesia clinicians, like myself, take note of the published date. If a job has an old date associated with it, we start wondering. Is the job still available? Or worse yet. What’s wrong with this position if it has not been filled yet?

Let’s be honest. A month old date is not horrible. However, keeping your jobs published date close to the current calendar date can have positive effects. Job seekers might not have seen the job before and think it’s a new opening. It also shows them you are actively engaged in the recruiting process and maybe you made updates in the post.

All these can lead to more clicks of your job and you hiring your next candidate.

One More Thing

We have been speaking about hitting the “Refresh” button on your dashboard, but here is one more type of refresh that is almost always overlooked. 

Refresh what you have written in your anesthesia job post. If you’re not getting job leads after an extended period of time, make changes. Try a different short description. Rework your long description. Update any new information about the job.

Don’t be afraid to try different things. Sometimes it’s a simple change that can make the difference

It’s quick and simple to post a job on BagMask.com. Start posting today.

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