Tips To Get The Best Results Out Of Your Anesthesia Job Posting

Creating Anesthesiologist Job post

Creating a highly detailed and professional job posting helps attract qualified applicants. When writing a job posting, there are three key points to focus on: Short Description, Long Description and Community Information.

Short Description

The Short Description, as the name suggests, should be specific and short (keep it under 80 characters) so it’s easy for job seekers to spot a position that peaks their interest. Although brief, it should still be creative. After all, this is your first point of contact and your chance to help catch a job seeker’s attention.

Take a look at the short descriptions that appear when you look at other jobs posted on Do they include certain terms? Do they mention salary? Promote PTO?

Check out what your competitors are doing. Learn from them what’s working or certain trends in marketing. Then add your own brand twist to it so you can stand out and attract more applicants than the other guy.

Here are a few examples of what a stand-out short description could look like:

      • $216K + Profit Share & Annual Increase (W-2)!

      • Never work weekends or nights. Lots of time off!

      • 7 days on/ 7 days off, full time 1099 Opportunity! $450,000 plus $40k sign on Bonus!

    What not to do:

        • CRNA needed in Houston TX

        • Anesthesiologist coverage needed

      You are wasting too much valuable real estate to state the obvious. Competition for applicants is too high to let other groups’ short descriptions make yours look lackluster.

      Long Description

      Long descriptions should be easy to read, engaging, and include information related to the role. This is an opportunity for you to sell the potential Anesthesiologist, CRNA or CAA on why they should work for you. Use this space to clearly and concisely outline not only the salary and benefits packages, potential work schedule including types of cases and facility information, but also to highlight why your current clinicians love working there. 

      Over 65% of’s job seekers today are searching and applying for jobs on their phones. Keep this in mind when creating the post. Best practice is listing the long description in short paragraphs and/or bullet form for easy consumption.

      Lastly, remember to have some fun when creating the long description. Anesthesia clinicians see countless job posts. Anything you can do to stand apart from the old school typical post greatly increases your chance they’ll hit the apply button.

      Community Information

      Today’s anesthesia provider values where they live just as much, if not more than, the job itself. Don’t underestimate the importance of including the benefits of living in or around the location of your facility. 

      Share things that set the community apart or make it special. Local attractions, school systems, the food scene or night life along with any day trips they can take on their day off. If the city or town made some Top 10 list (for good reasons) include a link to it. Use all your resources to showcase the location.

      Bonus Tip

      Our metrics show that job posts that display salary or hourly rate receive a higher click rate than those that don’t. If you don’t include it in the short description make sure to add it in the salary box provided when filling out your post on Anesthesia providers love discovering more about a position and a dollar amount is a great way to peak that curiosity.

      It’s quick and simple to post a job on Start posting today.

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