HealthCare Burnout Prevention and Recovery Resources

Healthcare Burnout

Our healthcare workers never stopped. They never stopped showing up. They never stopped caring.

They never stopped, to care for themselves…

But now is the time to stop.

It’s the time to stop and say “I need Help.”

It’s the time to stop a friend and say “I am here for you.” 

It’s the time to stop and address burnout.

Please if you or someone you know is suffering from burnout don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 The Team

Reflect on how this video may have inspired you to think about your day-to-day and unlock internet-point-of-care CME credits from a relevant learning opportunity powered by CMEfy (all purchases are donated to’s cause to fight burnout):

Burnout Prevention and Recovery Resources 



Debriefing the Front Lines
Debriefing the Front Lines is a nurse and veteran founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering psychological first aid via structured debriefing and sustained emotional wellness by way of our Heal the Healers Programs to nurses and physicians of all specialties.

Physician Support Line
Psychiatrists helping our US physician colleagues and medical students navigate the many intersections of our personal and professional lives.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

AANA Health and Wellness
List of resources for CRNAs dealing with stress and burnout.

Burnout Programs and Coaches

The White Coat Investor Physician Burnout Coaching


Burnout Proof MD was created for medical professionals. When members of The White Coat Investor community expressed the need for help, we could not find the right solution, so we sought out the most experienced coaching program available, and together, we created this great support system. With Dike Drummond MD (The Happy MD), you now have access to an amazing group of tools and training. We consider it to be the best value in the industry.BURNOUT Proof MD 

You’ll have six months of weekly two-hour live coaching with a small group of physicians along with three private coaching sessions to make sure that you are on the right track. The program begins with extensive online training to give you the skillset and background to become your best you. For those who can’t virtually attend every live coaching session, questions and discussion topics can be submitted beforehand, and the sessions will be recorded. Between the training, weekly group coaching, 3 private coaching calls, and private community, you will have the tools and support you need.


Adaptrack provides a real time, data driven, personalized platform for clinician reflection. As a clinician moves through his or her day, the data collected allows Adaptrack to push focused learnings to the user. These learnings, or nudges, are easy to digest hints that help bring the clinician’s blindspots to the foreground.


By engaging with these nudges, the clinician may realize a specific risk that exists throughout their day. If unrecognized, these risks can lead to getting sued, burning out, losing efficiency in your practice or having your digital reputation tarnished.

Each learning nudge has an opportunity to journal a reflection, which is captured by voice or text on Adaptrack. This reflection may be what you were thinking or what you were feeling – but it ultimately led to what you were doing. The outcome may have been positive or negative. Either way, it provides an opportunity to learn and share. One personal reflection may lead to an endless journal of shared learnings that transform patient and personal care.

Mental Wealth Academy

Harpreet Chana now runs the Mental Wealth Academy which is a company she set up in 2019 to help strengthen the mental health of professionals and organizations within healthcare. Having experienced stress and burnout at a senior level, like many in the sector, she ignored it for many years and pushed through regardless which sadly resulted in severe depression. Burnout CoachWorking with a mindset coach, she managed to turn her life around and it impacted her so much, she qualified herself as an Executive Leadership Coach and has now dedicated her life to help others in healthcare from succumbing to long term stress and burnout.  

She does this through training and coaching others to invest in their ‘mental wealth.’ This is the building of self-leadership skills and self-awareness so that they know how to respond to stress, can self-regulate/self-manage better and become better leaders of themselves/others to ultimately live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Fay Hosseini

Certified Coach with special interest in Healthcare Burnout recovery and prevention. I’m also an ER Pharmacist at a Level I Trauma Center and have continued to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare Burnout coachSo I’m walking with you. I understand your pain points very well. The human mind and psyche can really only take so much before we hit a wall and I was personally at that point back in 2018 after I lost my mom to cholangiocarcinoma. And then had to return to work in the ER which was very triggering environment for me. So I get it.

Coaching turned out to be the lifeline I was looking for. The thought work, the mindset the shifts in perspective, learning how to actively process through those uncomfortable emotions, instead of trying to eat, drink or Netflix my way around them- was hard, but so worthwhile. we all get in our own way, but often can’t see it for ourselves. If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together head over to or tune into A Dose of Perspective Podcast.  It’s time to take care of you my friend.

Aspire Healthcare Coaching

Aspire was born out of OUR Vision that Healthcare professionals Matter. We acknowledge the enormous pressures placed on the modern-day Healthcare Provider and have created our company specifically to address the unique burdens placed on you.

 We recognize that the pressures of your environment may lead to fatigue and reduced cognitive functions based on a high workload, poor nutrition, or improper sleep patterns. Furthermore, your working environments may be less than optimal; with feelings of reduced control, additional equipment requirements, such as PPE, lack of resources either technical or human based. Given all of this, it is understandable that you may be feeling under-appreciated, overwhelmed, angry and ultimately concerned about patient safety and their quality of care

 The Aspire team is dedicated to furnishing the tools, programs and practical exercises that will provide you with a roadmap to your mastery, you will no longer feel just at the effect of life, but you will acquire the ability to be the cause of your life

 So, if you are feeling pressured, lack of control or are saying to yourself, I don’t matter, we are here for you.

For your free complimentary session with one of our Certified Coaches, please fill in Contact Us form located at the bottom of our website:

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