Questions You Have to Ask Yourself Before Accepting the Anesthesia Job Offer

CRNA Job Offer Questions

Receiving a job offer is always exciting, whether it’s your first offer out of training or your fifth time switching anesthesia jobs. You should be pumped and enjoy the moment, but before you reply “Yes!” right away there are a couple things you have to do.

Thank the company first and take some time to evaluate the offer. Anesthesia groups generally give you at least 5 days before they require a response. 

Use this time to make sure you really understand what you are signing up for by asking yourself these questions.

Everyday Basics

To begin with, make sure to grasp what a typical day will look like for you in this new position. This could be your new life and how you will be spending a ton of your time.

  • Do I understand the schedule I will be working? When will my work day potentially end?
  • Do I understand “Call” requirements?
  • Locations I will be required to give anesthesia within the facility. One hospital or multiple facilities? Driving between locations during the day?
  • Are these anesthesia cases I will enjoy performing?

Salary and Benefits

This is the most important part of the offer. Salary information and PTO will be included as an addendum to the contract. When it comes to benefits, you’ll receive a sheet that details their benefits package, including co-pays, deductibles, and eligibility periods.

  • Do I understand when I will be paid bonuses (sign-on, merit, retention) and the requirements to receive them?
  • Do I understand stipends or differential pay for working off-shifts?
  • Do I have opportunities to make extra pay?
  • When does eligibility for benefits start?

Joining a Partnership

  • When will I make partner?
  • Do I understand completely how the group makes money? Professional fees for anesthesia services, stipends from the hospital, management fees for managing surgery centers?
  • How will I be compensated and what are the profit sharing expectations? Estimated income?
  • What happens if the group is sold before I become a partner?
  • What happens if we sell the group and I am a partner?

Workplace Culture

You are going to be spending way too much time with your new team (anesthesia and OR) not to enjoy who you are working with everyday. Make sure your personality is the right fit.

  • Am I comfortable with the anesthesia group, hospital culture, and working environment?
  • Can I see myself fitting in with this group?

It’s All About Me

In the end if you are not going to be happy why take the job?

  • Do I see myself happy here?
  • Is it the right fit for my current situation in life?

If You Don’t Have the Answers

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the anesthesia recruiter, leadership or other people in the group for clarification if you still have questions. They want you to join them and will be happy to take the time and help.

Some questions only you will be able to answer. In this case take time to reflect and consider reaching out to family, friends or mentors to help guide you. Sometimes you just need a soundboard to bounce thoughts and ideas off of to reach a conclusion.

Remember this is all about finding the right anesthesia job for you, so there is no reason to rush your decision to the job offer. Once you’ve answered all these questions you’ll know how to answer and be content with your decision.

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