Anesthesia Job Application Email Tips and Examples

Anesthesia job Application Email

Do you need to write an email in response to an anesthesia job you found on Most likely, yes. Your email can be the difference between scoring an interview or being ignored. So it makes sense to nail it.

Here’s all the information you need to get your email noticed. Review these tips for what to include and examples of different professionally written emails that anesthesia recruiters love to see. 

Tips for Writing the Perfect Email

Writing the email is not overly complicated if you follow these simple guidelines. Remember to keep it professional. Keep it short. And make sure to proofread it. It’s a first impression and starting off with mistakes is not a good look.

Subject Heading Line

Anesthesia recruiters or hiring managers receive lots of emails daily. So it’s important to grab their attention right away and help them filter through the chaos. Include your name and the job you are applying for or have inquiries about. If they have a job ID/Reference number, include it too.

Example: Jen Edwards-Good Samaritan Hospital Annapolis, MD Anesthesiologist Position

Example for Locums Tenens: Mark Johnson-CRNA Locums Position Southern CA Reference ID:  ORD-4177-CRNA-CA


If possible, address your email to a specific person. Even if the anesthesia job post doesn’t reference the person, sometimes you can deduce it from the email address. You can also just address it to Dear Hiring Manager or the old standby, To Whom It May Concern. Only do this if you can not find a name.

Body of Email

The first sentence should include your name, credentials and years of experience or expected timeline of finishing training. Next include, what position you are applying for and where you found it (job board, social media post or referral). 

Give at least one reason why you are interested in the position. It could be a personal reason or something about the anesthesia job or group that really appeals to you.

Example: I read how Anesthesia Health provides a very supportive environment for their providers and I think this would be perfect for a new grad like myself.

Ending it depends on what your goal is: applying or gathering more information for the position. Make sure to let them know your CV is attached if you are applying (on your end make sure to attach it). If you are looking to connect to find out more about the job, let them know.

Either way, use this space to offer gratitude for reading your email and consideration for the position.


Use a simple polite closing, Sincerely, followed with your full name and credentials. Beneath your name add your email address and then phone number.

Email Examples


Applying for Anesthesia Job

Dear Steven Woodson,

My name is James Edwards SRNA and will be graduating from the University of Anesthesia in 8 months. I am very interested in applying for a position at Anesthesia Health that I saw posted on 

I read how Anesthesia Health provides a very supportive environment for their providers and I think this would be perfect for a new grad like myself.

I have attached my CV. If there’s any additional information you need, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

James Edwards SRNA

Inquiry for More Information

Dear Steven Woodson,

My name is Jen Edwards MD, a board certified practicing anesthesiologist with 15 years of experience. I am very interested in learning more about the position at Anesthesia Health that I saw posted on 

Recently, we found out my husband is being transferred to the Waldorf area and based on the Anesthesia Health’s website the group’s culture aligns with my ideal workplace.

Could we please connect on a call so you can tell me more about this opportunity?

Thank you very much for taking time to read my email.

Jen Edwards MD

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