5 Tips to Crush Nervousness Before the Big Interview

Anesthesia Job interviews are stressful and don't think it's just you that starts to feel anxious before the big day. Check out these 5 proven things that can help relax you before the interview.
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Walking through the anesthesia lounge door, my friend came over to me and plopped himself on a seat. He started telling me about his job interview that went well, but was surprised by how nervous he was before walking through the door to the hospital. He explained, “I’m cool and collected in the OR no matter what’s thrown at me, but getting ready to interview just threw me off.”

His story is not uncommon.

I get it. We’re trained to handle stressful situations in the OR.

However, during your anesthesia training how much of that was focused on practicing for a job interview? Probably none.

So it makes sense to be nervous. You should definitely practice going over common interview questions and researching the job, however sometimes you need a little extra help to stay cool and collected.

Check out these 5 things that you can do on the day of the interview to chill out so you can crush the interview.

1. Exercise

The day of the anesthesia job interview get up and work out. Go for a run, hit the gym or practice yoga to get those endorphins flowing. Activating those neurotransmitters are a great way to clear your head and get that natural bump of energy to cruise through the interview.

2. Eat a Good Breakfast (or Lunch)

Don’t go into an interview on an empty stomach. It’s just one more distraction that can exacerbate your already nervous belly. What should you eat? There is no one right answer. Maybe go for something that gives you a boost of energy. Check out this list for some ideas.

Or if you are like me, go with eating some comfort foods. Give me some chocolate and it’s game on. In the end, it’s about what is going to make you feel good and calm those nerves.

3. Call a Friend

On your way to the interview call a friend or family member. Connect with that one person who can get your mind off the interview to a place where you are relaxed and ready. There are a couple of types of people you want to talk with. The person who knows all the right things to say to help you relax. The funny friend who can put you in a great mood (laughter is great to combat stress). Lasty, your biggest cheerleader who will give you that pep talk to remind you why you are awesome and will get that job.

4. Listen to Music

Music soothed the savage beast so it can do the same thing to your nerves. Chill out to your favorite tunes as you roll into the interview. Then again, sometimes the savage beast wants to be pumped up. So crank those tunes, sing at the top of your lungs and get pumped. You know what works best for you, so just go with it.

5. Remember It’s Just a Conversation

I have given lots of interviews and every time I hoped the candidate would be the perfect fit. Here’s a little secret, we want you to succeed and have a great interview. Companies are trying to entice you to come work with them. There are no fiery hoops to jump through or bears to wrestle. It’s just a conversation for both parties to get to know each other.

And for that, you have had a lifetime of practice.

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