Top Anesthesia Online CME/CE Courses for 2020

Online Anesthesia CME 2020 Review

If you weren’t lucky enough to take that CME/CE trip before Covid-19 shut down the country and your conference, then you might be scrambling to meet your continual education requirements. The year has already been crazy enough and choosing the right program to meet your budget and time constraints is just another thing to add to the list of changing with the times. 

Don’t worry. We have you covered with our top online Anesthesia CME/CE courses for 2020 picked by our editors. They looked at cost, content, ease of use and time to complete one credit to decide what courses made their list.

Let’s run through their top choices and get you on your way to completing your required CME/CE’s.

Audio Digest

Looking to knock out those CME/CE’s anywhere, anytime and get a gift card while you are at it? Audio Digest has what you need for 2020. Their online platform makes it easy to access from any device. Using a Test, Listen, Read and Test again helps to increase your ability to retain the information and apply it to your daily practice. The built in Credit Tracker makes it easy to find all your CME/CE credits in one place and print a certificate when it’s time for reimbursement. Offering three different plans you can find one that fits your needs and CME budget. I did mention gifts cards. Currently they offer a Visa or Amazon gift card. (CME’s for Anesthesiologist and CAA. CE’s for CRNA)

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Practical Reviews

Quick and easy CME’s updated monthly? Look no further than Oakstone’s Practical Reviews. Using curated journal entries, these summaries give you the information in bite size chunks that allow easy comprehension and retention. Read the summary, listen to a commentary (if you want), take a 5 question True/False test and then collect your CME. Quick and easy. They offer either a one or two year plan at very reasonable rates. In addition, you can receive an Amazon gift card anywhere from $200-$500 based on what plan you choose. (CME’s for Anesthesiologist and CAA)

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Apex Anesthesia

Need a refresher on certain topics? Or maybe you want to check out the latest clinical information. Although 2020 has limited your choices in life, Apex’s unique design allows you the options to revisit the basics or see what’s new. They offer two different course curriculums. The “Back to Basics Course” not only gives you 65 credits, but also helps prep you to take the CPC with thousands of practice questions! The second course,“Clinical Updates”, links to clinically relevant journal articles and can earn you up to 20 CE’s. All course material can be accessed online or you have the option to print it out. The post exam has 5 questions and the opportunity to take it up to 3 times to earn one credit hour. (CE’s for CRNA)


Used up all your CME money? Need a couple extra credits? Medscape offers free CME and all you have to do is register an account. CME varies from webinars to reading articles or slides and then taking a post presentation exam. Although it might not offer a ton of opportunities in your specialty, it’s easy to use and a quick way to receive free credits. (CME’s for Anesthesiologist and CAA)

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