Review of Audio Digest (and how it saved Barbie’s life)

Audio Digest Review

The first time I tried Audio Digest coincided with my 6-year-old daughter chucking a naked Barbie across the room and cracking the screen on our TV. As I scanned back and forth multiple times between my stunned daughter, the TV and Barbie, I thought, well I know what I’m going to use the Amazon gift card on from Audio Digest. 

And, no. It wasn’t clothes for Barbie.

Although the gift cards included with an Audio Digest purchase are nice, it’s not the reason I have used their programs multiple times over the years. But, before we get into why I keep using them, let’s go over the features of Audio Digest.

Audio Digest Overview

The Audio Digest program is based on a Test, Listen, Read and Test again design to help increase your ability to retain the information and apply it to your daily practice. Each activity is based on a lecture recorded from a conference or grand rounds presentation.

To earn a CME/CE, start by taking the pretest which happens to be the same as the post-test. I found they range from 3-10 multiple choice questions depending on the amount of credits earned.

Listen to the lecture (20-50ish minutes) and then read the summary. Take the post-test, fill out an evaluation of the activity and you’re done!

Activities can be accessed by signing into the Audio Digest website or using their App on an Apple or Android device.

Audio Digest offers subscriptions to collect AMA PRA Category or Class A CE credits.

There are three different tiers to choose from with each offering more credits to earn.

Audio Digest Subscription

Anesthesiologist and CAA CME Subscription
Platinum Subscription $1999 with $1000 Gift/Reward Card or $999 after discount
Gold Subscription $1199 with $400 Gift/Reward Card or $799 after discount
Silver Subscription $399 with $50 Gift/Reward Card or $349 after discount

CRNA CE Subscription
Platinum Subscription $1999 with $1000 Gift/Reward Card or $999 after discount
Gold Subscription $1199 with $400 Gift/Reward Card or $799 after discount
Silver Subscription $449

Audio Digest Makes It Easy

Staying up to date on relevant issues. Easy.

Reinforcement and retention of new ideas: Easy.

Collecting CME/CE credits: Easy.

Audio Digest makes the whole process easy and enjoyable.

Their team does an excellent job of selecting quality content for today’s practicing anesthesia provider. The recording quality of audio for lectures is normally really good in a car or with ear buds. The summaries are written concisely and present key ideas in an organized format. Test questions are well crafted and appropriately chosen to reinforce the main points.

A not-so-secret “secret” is you can skip the “Listen” portion of the activity. There have definitely been a couple years where my credits were due soon. I was in a time crunch and needed to bust out a lot in a short period. Bypassing the audio and reading only the summary still proved a great educational experience.

I am not saying you should skip the lecture. The audio adds a lot of context to the ideas found in the summary. However, if you’re looking to complete them fast… then it’s a great option.


Who doesn’t love a gift card? Even without the gift card, choosing the discount price is a great value for a CME/CE course.

And do you know who really loves the gift card?


If it wasn’t for me having just received the gift card, Barbie most likely would’ve ended up curbside in the garbage

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