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Adaptrack CME

I remember when Sugammadex first hit the market. It was big. It had been a long time since a product was introduced that fundamentally changed patient safety and how providers practiced anesthesia.

Like other areas of medicine, CME programs really have not changed in decades. Sure they went from mail subscriptions and in-person meetings to online, but the format has never changed. 

Here is a topic, let’s review it and take a quiz. 

Hey, I am all for it. As clinicians we need to constantly review and learn new techniques, but what if there was a different approach to learning? What if these are the lessons they don’t teach you in training? What if you could earn 0.5 CME credit in 30 seconds?

Looking to break the old CME format, Adaptrack is changing how you and I can earn CME credits. 

Trust me, I was super skeptical when first researching Adaptrack. Especially, when you can sign up for free and start earning Category 1 CME credits. However, after using the program and talking to their team I was impressed. 

Very impressed.


Right off the bat so there are no surprises, for sign-up they are going to ask for your NPI number. Remember, NPI numbers are publicly available so there is no need to worry about privacy concerns. They also make it easy to find your NPI number with a link on the sign-up form to the NPPES NPI registry.

Adaptrack uses your NPI, which designates your medical specialty, to personalize your experience and appropriately accrue the correct CME. That way, if you’re an anesthesiologist your program will be tailored to anesthesia CME nudges.

This is where Adaptrack sets themselves apart. The “Nudge”.

A Nudge is an activity or suggestion to help you build meaningful habits. It can be a few sentences or a short paragraph. Sometimes they come with a “Dive Deeper” link to an article that further explores the topic.

Nudges are used to help you mitigate risk and gaps in your practice. All with the ultimate goal of avoiding malpractice and burnout. They can be as quick as 30s, if you choose, and worth 0.5 CME credits per Nudge. 

Broken down into 3 categories Nudges topics cover:
1. Prevent Medical Errors
2. Decrease Practice Blindspots
3. Avoid Personal Burnout

Adaptrack Anesthesiologists CME

After reading the Nudge you are given the option to journal or remark on what you just read. This creates active learning and is more likely to help you implement the lesson. It can be as long as you want. A few words or multiple paragraphs. This is for you and not someone else to grade. 

If you don’t feel like journaling you can do a Quick Response, which is a simple click of an icon.
-Thumbs up if you thought the Nudge was useful.
-Thumbs down if it’s not relevant at this time.

Next, save your reflection. And done!

Each Nudge is approved for ACCME Category 1 CME and you don’t pay for the program until you claim your CMEs. Currently they are offering unlimited CMEs for $20.

Seems too good to be true. I know! 

But it’s one of the many reasons Adaptrack is so user friendly and impactful.

Adaptrack’s Industry Changing Features

Adaptrack is easy to use on a computer, tablet or smartphone like other CME programs, but once again this is where they set themselves apart. They have designed it to call your phone for you to earn CME 100% via voice!

I was sitting in D.C. traffic, pulled up Adaptrack and thought it was time to try the phone call Nudge. After clicking the Call Me Now button, my “Adaptrack Sidekick” called me and asked what type of Nudge I wanted. I replied over my car bluetooth, it read me my Nudge on Personal Burnout, and asked me to leave a reflection. After recording my reflection my Sidekick told me I just earned a half credit.

Wait…I just earned 0.5 CME credit while sitting in traffic hands-free! Tell me another program that has this capability.

Adaptrack also gives providers the opportunity to earn CMEs while mentoring, receive discounts on malpractice insurance by using the app, and the “Cup of Coffee” icon provides inspirational messages from leaders, peers and family.

The Adaptrack Experience

Sign-up and navigation of the app is intuitive and easy. Sitting down with it for the first time, I blew through 8 Nudges of Prevent Medical Errors without realizing it. They were insightful, informative and great reminders (dare I say “nudge”) of clinical situations or pitfalls all with the intention to help avoid a malpractice claim.

What was so enjoyable and impactful was it felt like I was sitting down with a mentor who was passing on wisdom from their past experiences and advice to look out for in my daily practice. 

Adaptrack CME Program Anesthesiologists

Nudges from the other categories proved to be just as valuable. Using short easy-to-read snippets and having to reflect on how I could implement the lesson was thought provoking and created actionable items for me to incorporate into not just my practice but my life.

The only shortcoming to Adaptrack I worked my way through all the Nudges in a week before they started to recycle. Granted, I hit it hard, but I reached out to their team anyway to see if it was some glitch.

Talking with the CMO of Adaptrack, Brian Cohen M.D., he explained that because they are still new to the market the team is continually creating more content. What’s really cool is as their library continues to grow, AI will start looking at a provider’s past Nudges and responses to develop a constantly evolving curriculum specifically for the individual. 

Also, Dr. Cohen informed me that the same Nudge could mean one thing to me today, but it could elicit a completely different reflection the second time I see it. Which I found to be very true and on top of that I earned another 0.5 CME.

Final Thoughts on Adaptrack

The Adaptrack team has designed a CME program to help guide you and develop the awareness for maintaining a successful, healthy career. Part of the allure to their design is it breaks from the traditional way we have been obtaining credits for all of our careers. It’s refreshing, but more importantly, very effective.

And just like I was excited to make Sugammadex part of my everyday practice, I can’t wait to see how Adaptrack continues to grow and becomes an integral part of my long career.

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