Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider Review

Anesthesia CME courses are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I know. I totally stole that line from Forrest Gump. 

But it’s true. Especially, with all the different online courses that are now offered.

Sometimes you get lucky with your choice and that’s the one you stick with for the rest of your career. Why take the chance of spending time and money on something else that you might regret?

Luckily for you, I like opening different boxes of chocolates and this time it was to try Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider.

Little did I know how big of a box this was going to be.

What’s in Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider

With over 18,000 journal article summaries with audio summaries and more than 1,230 board review and clinical update activities offered in video format, CMEinfo Insider has everything an Anesthesiologist or CAA needs for collecting credits. 

Subscriptions come with unlimited access across multiple devices so you can earn AMA PRA Category 1™ Credit anywhere. What’s unique about Oakstone’s program is it also allows you access to CME activities from all specialties of medicine within their library. Not only can you stay up to date on anesthesia, but you have opportunities to learn from other areas of medicine.

Every month new activities are added and it’s not just one or two. Oftentimes 16 or more new, cutting edge topics are uploaded into their expansive library. Activities fall into two categories: Article Reviews or Clinical Updates.

Journal article reviews are highly informative and easy to complete. Oakstone’s team does a great job of selecting relevant material and presenting it in a manner for today’s anesthesia clinicians. Don’t be surprised if you sit down with the intent to read one and the next thing you know you’re finishing your fourth article. 

Along with the article summaries, Clinical Update is another way to earn CMEs. Created in partnership with anesthesia residency programs, this lecture-based program series highlights core concepts of the practice of anesthesia and implementation. They cover a wide variety of topics, like preoperative assessment and evaluation, cardiac anesthesia, the opioid crisis, robotic anesthesia, or ERAS presented in video format. 

They will remind you of Grand Rounds, but without the 6:30 start and a full day of clinicals to follow. Thus making them more enjoyable and keeping you informed with new concepts and reviewing the basics. 

Even though they are in video format, I found them perfect for my commute listening to the audio. Then I would find some time (not while driving) and knock out the quiz in about a minute. A simple way to earn up to 1 anesthesia CME credit.

Comprehensive Review of Anesthesiology

Studying for the boards? Or maybe you want to review specific topics? Do you want to earn CMEs at the same time? Oakstone Comprehensive Reviews has you covered. Included in the subscription, this large video program covers a wide range of topics necessary to pass the boards. Similar to the Clinical Update format, watch a video presentation and take a quiz. 

Oakstone is so confident in this series they guarantee anesthesiologists will pass their boards. Although not studying for my boards, I found the material was a great review on topics that reinforce an anesthesia clinician’s acumen. Presented in an easy-to-follow-along format by experts in the field, it’s a great addition to an already jam-packed CME program.

But wait there’s more. 

I know, it sounds like an infomercial, but Oakstone CMEinfo Insider just keeps giving more ways to earn CME’s with current Guideline Summaries and curated Custom Playlists. The variety of options to learn and obtain CMEs within one program is perfect for today’s anesthesia clinicians.

How Much Does Oakstone CMEinfo Insider Cost?

Oakstone offers three different subscriptions starting at $1999 for one year of unlimited access all the way up to three years at $3849. The best part is every purchase comes with an Amazon gift card worth equal to or more than half of the purchase price. 

Oakstone’s Unique Features

Oakstone’s website is easy to navigate on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Ideal for completing your CME’s anywhere and anytime. In addition, the platform includes a couple cool features I have not seen in other programs.

Other anesthesia CME programs have a credit tracker, but Oakstone CMEinfo Insider has designed the Lifetime Tracker. It allows a user to add CMEs earned from other sources to the tracker making it easy to have up-to-date information all in one place instead of hunting down credits from different programs.

The other feature I was really impressed by was their “Search” bar. Would you like information on Cardiology? Type it in the search bar and “Boom”- it’s there. 

Keep in mind it will show the related Cardiology CMEs for all specialities. So if you want to narrow it down to anesthesiology Cardiology activities, click the filter bar. Once that pops open under the specialty tab, change it to anesthesia. And now you have all the anesthesia CMEs focusing on cardiology. 

Considering most online programs only give you the ability to scroll down a list of their material, this is a great tool to pinpoint what you want to learn. 

The Oakstone CME Difference

The big difference I found between Oakstone CMEinfo Insider and other programs is how personalized this platform can be for anesthesia professionals. With unlimited access, an extensive library and the search bar feature, one can create a curriculum based on their preferences. Oakstone also gives you the option to simply complete CMEs as they are added each month.

Either way, they give you the freedom to choose how to conveniently complete your CME requirements.

And that’s one box I don’t mind opening.

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