Best Anesthesia CME/CE Courses for 2021

Best anesthesia CME

What a difference a year makes! Our team is looking forward to getting back out there and checking out some live anesthesia CME/CE courses to review (I think they’re looking for an excuse to travel), but until then our list of the top courses this year are from these online programs.

We added one newcomer to the list and two old standbys that you’ll recognize. Our editors looked at cost, content, ease of use, and time to complete one credit to decide what courses made their list.

Check out these best CME/CE programs in 2021 and start knocking out those anesthesia credits!


Adaptrack is the breakout CME program for 2021. It’s the first CME program to get away from the classic review of a topic and take the quiz format. Using the innovative “Nudge”, users earn CMEs through active learning techniques. Adaptrack helps you build meaningful habits to prevent malpractice and burnout. Claiming to be ridiculously easy and cheap to earn CME credits, they back it up. Credits can be earned in as little as 30 seconds and the program currently costs only $20 for unlimited CMEs! Easy and cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. We loved it and you can try it out for free and decide for yourself. (CME’s for Anesthesiologist and Anesthesiologist Assistants)

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Apex Anesthesia

Apex continues to be at the top for CRNAs earning CEs. Their new CRNA Updates Course continues their tradition of providing great content. The topics are well chosen with relevant material to keep you proficient in and out of the operating room. Reading a curated article is followed by a short exam that you can take up to three times. Priced at $219, you get instant access to 22.5 Class A credits including 7 credits in pharmacology/therapeutics. Created by CRNAs, they understand exactly what you need for your CE requirements. (CE’s for CRNA)

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Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider

Last year, Oakstone’s Practical Reviews made the list, but this time their CMEinfo Insider really impressed our team. Built for any stage of your anesthesia career, CMEinfo Insider has you covered. With unlimited access to clinical updates, journal research summaries, and board review content, pick and choose how and when you earn anesthesia CME credits. Easy to navigate and easy to use, you’ll be earning all the credits you need with ease. Current subscriptions start at $1,999 and include a $1,000 gift card. It’s another great product from Oakstone. (CME’s for Anesthesiologist and Anesthesiologist Assistants)

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