4 Reasons Why I Chose Oakstone’s Practical Reviews For My CME’s 2020


Continuing education requirements are often thought of as a chore to get out of the way. While the importance of constant learning and staying up to date cannot be ignored, life often gets in the way of comfortably meeting these requirements. With anesthesia providers in the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic and the unique challenges that COVID-19 has brought to our home and work lives, the last thing we need is to worry about how we are going to complete our CME’s. 

Oakstone is a leading provider of continuing medical education materials with plenty of sources for unbiased, evidence-based content. If you’re looking for a painless and concise way to complete your CME’s, check out these 4 reasons why I use Oakstone’s Practical Reviews in Anesthesiology.

1) It’s Concise

Practical Reviews is a time-saving wonder with expert summaries of the latest journal articles in Anesthesiology. The summaries are easy to digest and the main takeaways from the article are typically broken down into only one or two clearly stated key points.

2) It’s Incredibly Convenient

Oakstone’s Practical Reviews is easily accessed online and CME’s can also be completed through their free app. Quizzes can be done .25 credits at a time per article or for up to 4 credits at once for the whole journal.

3) Quick and Easy

As mentioned earlier, each article summary has its key points clearly stated. The quizzes are True/False and are directly about the article’s key points. This makes completing each set of questions easier and less exhaustive.

4) Cost-Effective and Relevant Perks

Most of us get reimbursed by our department for education. This makes being smart about costs worthwhile when also budgeting for conferences. The options include a one year subscription for $599 with a $200 gift card, or one year for $399 after a 33% discount, and two year subscription for $1198 with a $500 gift card or $778 after 35% discount.

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