Anesthesia CME/CE

There’s lots of choices out there. Anesthesia conferences, travel or online we help you figure out what works for you and your CME budget.

Adaptrack CME

Review of Adaptrack

I remember when Sugammadex first hit the market. It was big. It had been a long time since a product was introduced that fundamentally changed …


Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider Review

Anesthesia CME courses are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. I know. I totally stole that line from Forrest …

Apex Anesthesia Clinical Updates

Review of APEX Anesthesia and Should You Buy It

Not sure if APEX Anesthesia is the right online program to earn Class A credits for NBCRNA recertification? With more options popping up every year …

Audio Digest Review

Review of Audio Digest (and how it saved Barbie’s life)

The first time I tried Audio Digest coincided with my 6-year-old daughter chucking a naked Barbie across the room and cracking the screen on our …

Dannemiller Anesthesia File

Is Dannemiller’s Anesthesia File Worth It?

Choosing a new CME/CE course sometimes is like picking a new dish at a restaurant hoping you like it. Over the years, I’ve routinely used …

Online Anesthesia CME 2020 Review

Top Anesthesia Online CME/CE Courses for 2020

If you weren’t lucky enough to take that CME/CE trip before Covid-19 shut down the country and your conference, then you might be scrambling to …


4 Reasons Why I Chose Oakstone’s Practical Reviews For My CME’s 2020

Continuing education requirements are often thought of as a chore to get out of the way. While the importance of constant learning and staying up …

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