How To Avoid Ghosting In Today’s Anesthesia Job Market

The Anesthesia world is small and a provider's tale of ghosting can come back to haunt them. This article is sponsored by KTE Services.
anesthesia ghosting

(Editor’s Note: Ghosting is a sure fire way to burn bridges and end up on the naughty list. Over the years I’ve had a few candidates ghost during the on boarding process and the anesthesia management company I worked for kept detailed notes of the event. These job seekers don’t know it, but they now have a small chance of ever getting hired in the future if they apply for a position in another facility operated by the same group. Don’t make their mistake!

This sponsored article by KTE Anesthesia explores how ghosting effects not only recruiters but also anesthesia job seekers. They share with us ways how both sides can avoid ghosting and build relationships that will last a career. Enjoy!)

Have you experienced Ghosting before? Ghosting is behavior when an individual cuts off all communication suddenly and without explanation, leaving the other party lost and confused. It’s as a problem for candidates, recruiters, and employers in today’s job market.

We have to admit that it’s hard to manage the recruiting process when we experience a candidate Ghosting us. What we aim to do is communicate professionally and anticipate that our candidates do the same. When we are in conversation with a candidate we make sure to increase the number of interactions we have with our engaged candidates.

As recruiters one of the scariest thing for us is that we are aware that Ghosting can happen at any stage of the hiring process, that is why it is crucial to set clear expectations, and most of all build strong relationships. Just like a candidate will never forget when a recruiter or employer ghosts them, it’s the same when a candidate ghosts an employer or a recruiter. Bottom line, nobody wins. This term is merely burning your bridges, and we are never in a position to burn our bridges. Below you will find five simple steps to avoid a Ghosting episode.

How To Avoid Ghosting

Stay Engaged
This goes without saying, staying in front of the employer, candidate or recruiter is vital. The more engagements, the less of a chance of being ghosted.

If you are a recruiter, listen to your clients and your candidates. If you are a candidate, listen to the employer and your recruiter, it’s important to always listen to the other party. And remember, if you do everything that it takes and you do get ghosted, maybe that wasn’t the right candidate, employer or recruiter. However, listening and acknowledging the other person increases your chances of building the right relationship.

Set Expectations
This is when you decide and communicate what you expect as a recruiter, candidate or employer. It’s all about communicating and being transparent at all times.

Treat the other as you would like to be treated. If you are recruiter, respect your candidates, follow up promptly. If you’re a candidate respect the employer and the recruiters time. It’s a tight job market right now, there are more openings than there are candidates, but remember the job market is a cycle it will change and before you know it as a candidate you will need the recruiters and the employers. Do not burn your bridges, communicate and be transparent.

Increase The Number of Contacts
As an employer, candidate or recruiter it’s all the same, increase the number of connections you wish to connect with. Employers increase the number of interviews, recruiter increase the number of conversations with candidates and candidates increase the number of communications with both recruiters and employers. This way if you do get ghosted, you are continuously building relationships.

In summary, being ghosted is very upsetting, especially if you have built a strong trust. It has to end, and it can start with you.

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