Interview with Envision Physician Service National Residency Recruiter: Amanda DiRuggieri

This recruiter and her team come to you organizing events to discuss topics to help your transition from training to clinical practice in a relaxed social outing. Resident, SRNA, or SAA her team is here to help you.
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The Beyond the Practice Interview Series has been created to give you an insight and advantage into the professional side of anesthesia through interviews conducted with leaders in the industry. Amanda DiRuggieri is the type of person we all hope will be by our side when going from anesthesia training to practice. She shares with you why attending recruiting events are invaluable and how to organize one for your program.

BagMask: What is your role within Envision Physician Services?

Amanda: I am the manager of our National Residency Recruiting Team. My team consist of three great event coordinators, who are scattered around the country. We do upwards of 250 events a year and that’s across all of our specialties. But we really have a very strong focus in anesthesia, specifically residency programs and CRNA and CAA programs.

BagMask: What happens at these events and where are they held?

Amanda: Our event programs are called Transition to Practice.
We walk them through their transition from residency or, as an anesthesia student into their career, and provide advice on how best to make it a smooth process. They are great opportunities and are designed either as an informal discussion on topics related to their professional career or the chance to hear the story of one our clinical leaders.

Topics vary from event to event but can include how to interview, how to write a CV, what to look for when joining a practice or understanding malpractice. Our goal is to provide them with resources to make it easier for their transition.

We also found that having one of our clinical leaders share their story and experiences to be invaluable. They discuss lessons learned from their transition from training to clinical practice, taking a job with Envision and the rewarding career they have experienced. This is one of my favorite parts of any event because I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people in the organization and hear their personal story and how they relate to the residents.

Lastly, it is a chance to discuss what opportunities they are looking for and how we can help find them a position within Envision Physician Services. One of the great programs we like to inform residents and students about is called “Earn as You Learn.” It applies to select job sites in the country and is a great opportunity to earn money while you are still in school.

We try to mix up the event settings. Sometimes the event centers around a dinner, but we like to set up some really fun ones. We will do go-carts, bowling and even escape rooms. It’s a chance to just relax, mingle and get to know a couple people from Envision.

Bagmask: When should anesthesia residents and students start attending these events?

Amanda: Start as early as possible and attend as many as you can. There is a big misconception that you do not have to start attending these until your final year. At this point you are already behind.

These events are great resources to gain knowledge about the non-clinical topics. Every one that you don’t attend is a missed opportunity to learn information that will help you in your professional career. They are also a great networking event for us to learn about you and set you up to find a job that fits you. It also allows the job seeker to gain a firm understanding of the culture of Envision. Take advantage of these opportunities early and often. They will help you in your transition.

BagMask: How can someone find out about one of these events or coordinate one for their program with you?

Amanda: We plan the majority of our events through the chief resident at the program. Therefore, often it’s the chief telling the residents about the events. As I mentioned, we hold these events for resident, SRNA and SAA programs. Programs that are interested in us coming to them just need to connect with me. We really enjoy going out and meeting with them and helping in any way we can.

BagMask: After the events, how do you help guide the resident or anesthesia student to finding a practice or location they may be interested in pursuing?

Amanda: My team plays the role of matchmaker between the job seeker and the recruiter. It can be difficult and overwhelming as a job seeker to know who to contact when you might be considering a couple different regions. Our team has a chance to get to know the provider, what they are interested in and we can match them with the best recruiter to meet their needs. We understand they may have many distractions to deal with as resident or student and we are here to help to make at least this part of their life easier.

BagMask: What can they do to really stand out and make a good impression with the recruiters?

Amanda: It is important to follow up with your recruiter. Keep the conversation moving forward and be cordial. Being polite and saying thank you goes a long way in developing a relationship and exemplifies the type of people that make up Envison.

BagMask: Final question. What is your hope for the job seekers out there?

Amanda: My hope is they find the right fit. Go out to events, make connections and discover what is going to make you happy. I get really excited for all the residents and students because there are so many opportunities to find a practice that is right for them. And the best part of my job is connecting with these providers in training and watching them grow into respected clinicians and leaders.

National Residency Recruitment Manager
100 Witmer Rd, Suite 220, Horsham, PA 19044
W: 215-442-5170 | C: 267-374-3551

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